Thursday, June 25, 2009

Reminiscences of Mugdha (अर्थात आठवणींची फुले....)

I still very vividly remember the day when I saw & heard Mugdha Vaishampayan first time.
It was one of those misty nights in early monsoon. Bustling on streets had nearly vanished. I was taking a casual stroll in my balcony savoring the beauty of occasional sprinkling.
I am not an avid tele-viewer anyway. So instead of watching this newly started music reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Little Champs’ on zee Marathi, I chose to take few rounds outside. In between, I could hear kids performing one by one and getting applauded.
Light wind was blowing across my face. The fragrance of wet soil was enamoring.
Suddenly I heard the most ecstatic words of that evening from a very naïve but refreshing voice. "Akash Pangharoni, Jag shant zopale he” (Marathi song - roughly meaning ‘When the entire world is resting peacefully under vast sky……’). I was awestruck..……..
The power in those words pulled me to it with great force. The voice was simply enchanting. I rushed in to see who was performing.
On my LG screen, I saw a stunningly cute and immensely innocent face, singing with calm & composed demeanor. Clad in light pink dress, she would have been the most gorgeous contestant I ever saw in any reality show. She was rendering this beautiful composition in literally breathstopping manner.
“Who is she?” I screamed with paramount anxiety.
“Mugdha Vaishampayan, from Alibag.” pat came the reply from my parents who were glued to TV set and were equally mesmerized.
Have you ever heard mystic sound of ocean waves on full moon night?
Have you ever heard the shrill voice of tropical wind while cutting across those tall Bamboo woods?
Have you ever heard the melody created by falling raindrops and its background cloud?
And have you ever heard, in your lifetime, the peculiar rhythmic music originated from you every moment by your own breathing?
Mugdha’s singing reminds us all those cosmic tunes being played in the universe uninterruptedly. Her voice has magical charm of elevating the agitated mind to a different soothing & enriching realm of pure bliss.

Reminiscences of Mugdha and her delightful appearances keep on playing in mind.
She stormed straight into the inner world of listeners - showering happiness, joy and auriferous music.
She, with four other little champs - fondly called as PANCHRATNA (meaning ‘five gems’) - not only transfused the profound liking for singing among many but also resurrected Marathi Music to regain its erstwhile glory & pride.
Mugdha’s saga continues…..
Her repertoires continue to lighten our lives…..
Her sweet, Godly voice continues to haunt……
Her delicate vocals continue to touch our souls and produce occasional tear drops….
Final winner or not, the aroma of divine flower ‘Mugdha’ will keep on dwelling in hearts of her fans till eternity!!!
(Excerpts from my old article “The Conjuration called Mugdha”. For complete article, drop me a mail at