Friday, August 8, 2008

Tribute to My Ex-Colleauges

Extract from my mail to Thermax Core Implementation Team .........
Why a separate mail to CIT?
I don't think this question would cross anybody's mind who knows my feeling towards this team and in turn the close bond we share.
Time spent in ERP was the Best part of my career so far. I am sure each one of you would posses the same opinion.
We have seen the golden days of ERP together, we have seen the low tides and gloomy clouds of uncertainty hovering together, we have seen the nights of hard struggle and bright sunny days of solutions together, we came together and stayed together even some of our colleagues exited.

To my mind, the most important reason of our cohesiveness is the dream we shared together. We were hand-picked to take on the monumental task. We were doing the project of our life. And no journey is successful without dreams. (That’s not the reason I promote 'siesta' - hey, keep off your witty remarks). And we shared the dream of ERP going live in C&H together. This brought us close. We poured our heart in it. We tried our level best. We ensured that we give something back to the company in our own little way.

It was the time we came to know each other from very close quarters. We got homogeneously mixed and worked for common goal.
Time flew.
I was never so deeply attached to any group in Thermax before this.
And it was worthy. It was pleasant.
It was something perhaps we always want.

Here is my tribute to this magnificent bunch of people.
Shall we take a small ride and peep into each of us?

Anand -
Anand, "Spontaneity - thy name Anand Chitale". He deserves a special thanks first for inculcating habit of regular exercise and healthy eating in me. I can proudly say, its him who inspires me to drink 8 bowls of Aamras or eat 3 plates of srikhand or swallow 4 scoops of icecream in one go without saying NO to anything !! But real Anand Chitale is epitome of high intellect and brilliance. He thinks too fast, much faster than anybody else. Yet he is a man of action. His views are crystal clear, thus he has got a perfect vision for everything in life. No need to mention his oratory skills, vocabulary, vast reading and self-belief. (~These were not snakes~). I liked his positive tone and fashion of enjoying the life without bringing in too many complications. But what stuck to me the most in Anand's life is quintessential blend of genuis and power.
Prasanna -
I would quote part from my speech given on his D-Day. " Prasanna is synonym for confidence. Extreme confidence. Its very visible in his talking, in his actions and whatever he does. I never saw him bogged down by any difficulty or issues, official or personal." A guy - responsible for developing good reading habit in me. He has got extremely beautiful presence of mind. If you go close to him - without worrying of your electronic goods :) - he showers lots of knowledge every time. Truly a winner and mastermind !!
Swanand -
Swanand my best friend - whom with I spent many years - was in this team. He made our life much lighter by cracking non-stop jokes and comments. Also he complimented me well when it came to drag somebody's feet jointly (guys, do not take personally..... you were never targeted... at least everybody thinks that way when confronted to our pair). He was my partner in imitating some of the special characters. (We tried hard to imitate each other but miserably failed and then realised we are very ordinary indeed :( He is very sharp and likes to live his life 'king size'. The way he thinks, the way he approaches a difficulty in life, the way he turns the tables, is something worth learning. His humour quotient is phenomenal and yes, he is very good story-teller. (Sripurna & Anand can vouch for this).
Piyush -
Piyush is a person everybody will like to be associated with. He has got such a beautiful mind. No extravagance, no show offs for his degrees and achievements, down to earth yet intellectually stalwart. Its always pleasure to interact with PP on practically any issue. Believes walking straight in the life without intruding into unnecessary hassles. With a great command over Marathi literature, Piyush is marvelous human being and a great friend. Just think twice before calling him. Undersigned does not take any responsibility for any unpleasant consequences :-) Nandu -
Nandu, probably the most senior member of this team, has proved more than once, the enthusiasm knows no age. Ever charged, persistent and committed, Nandu is very tender in his heart. (Though people who have got bashing of their life on first floor may not agree). He gave me many insights of official communications, some through his own example. He was the one always on his toes to anticipate the problems. Helpful, generous & sporting Nandu will always be remembered. Understanding his examples from his conversations at first place, is a good brain exercise. E.g. Deshpande-Kulkarni.
Kiran -
If Spontaneity is Anand's stronghold, Innocence is Kiran's fore. In my entire life, I have not come across such innocent and pure hearted person. Say ki, Innocence incarnated ! Again very much down to earth, clever, committed, matured, soft and bubbling like clean,fresh brook. Materialistically successful, mentally composed. A dream model for upper middle class urban life style. He has got remarkable temperament, that’s why liked by each and every person he meets. Jawahar -
Absolute clarity of thoughts. Add some excellent communication & PR skills. Have Nobel aspirations to excel. Give more than 100% wholeheartedly. That’s Jawahar (popularly known a "H" - pronounced as "hech") for you. He exemplifies the new age middle management who are ready to take one additional step without deviating from main goal. Jawahar must be a very contained guy because all along his life he always knew what he was doing & why he was doing. A nice person whose company constantly inspires you for that quantum leap towards success. Prashanth -
I wondered what some people were doing in Thermax. Prashanth akka TH, the youngest of us, was top in that list. Given his overseas education, strong analytical mind and diverse interests, I always imagined him sitting in posh Nariman Point office of BCG or Mckinsey discussing some strategies. Different people, different tastes, equally different limitations. He was the cause of many thought processes started in me. 'Like' the ability to draw somebody's attention towards insignificant but important point was his 'Like' habit. He was my cubicle partner and my very loyal lunch partner (who silently witnessed many crushes & crashes..... about that, some other time !!). His love for cosmic element found 70% on earth, was boldly apparent. I want to find out whether he has ever visited Water Kingdom :-)
Atishil -
Some naughty people have got their own doubts about calling Atishil part of CIT any more. As one Marathi poet says "Mi tumchyat asalo tari mazya asanyavar jawu naka" (Do not count on me even if I am with you), he is usually in & out at the same time. The coolest one of all, he does not know words like frustration, anxiety, worry, hurry, anger. Always appearing calm & quiet, he keeps on doing his chores without paying heed towards absolute chaos going around. Watching Atishil crafting a mail (which normally goes on for 2 days at a stretch & contains mystic lines like "also we need to be very careful" ) or solving a problem with half dozen users surrounding him and half of that chewing gums in mouth, makes very interesting sight. Always happy person, known for his occasional master Quotes, will surely save a lot on medical expenses in future. Beena -
Beena reminds me many things. She is a good taskmaster as well as very good colleague. Always wanting to help others, she likes sharing her knowledge with everyone. Her approach towards a problem or issue is always very systematic. Though we have not been endowed with any of the military canteen products, she was always eager to render her help wherever we were stuck. Sripurna -
Sripurna can be described best as highly intellectual & dedicated career woman with multifod of qualities. Her dedication towards users & their problems was so intense that many times we were left waiting in parking lot for time infinite. Partial credit of my improved English goes to her. Her involvement in this project was second to none. More than anything else, people will remember her for her laughter.
Vilas -
I call him the "Brain" of BTG. This is the place from where most of the articulate solutions came. This is the place where most of the pressing problems got solved. Done in most self-less manner. He was the true back stage artist for catering requirements imposed by users, CIT, BTG, HODs. He did it without frowning even once. Nobody has seen him irritated during course of ERP. Again, a composed and thinking person, working without making any noise whatsoever.
Binoy -
If we have to mention a single person who has worked most widely and most passionately in ERP, he is Binoy. Spectrum of issues he handled was astonishing. Every cheerful and ready to dig deep, Binoy relentlessly served to make inroads clear. Actually, actually, most of the time he was pitched in by top managers when situation was alarming and he somehow came out with flying colours.
AGK & Umakant -
Technically they are not part of CIT, but we have to take into consideration their contributions for steering this project and keeping it on-track. Both acted as buffer and absorbed beatings from corporate, to give us the clutter free mind for our onslaught. AGK, while undergoing through most pressurised and testing time of his career, could maintain his cool. That was thrilling as well as motivating. We knew that he is always there when it comes to trivial situations. Umakant was very good in managing resources wisely. Interactions with him always gave some new thoughts on project management, systematic actions and managerial skills. One can learn few tricks of the trade by watching him in action.
About yours truly -
Guys, take a break !! I always follow Robin Sharma's philosophy and never disclose too much about myself. Me - a very ordinary person - one you can find here and there!!