Friday, August 29, 2008

Poems of A Struggling Seeker

- I -
Sun rises and sets.
The melody of universe keeps on playing.
Struggling seeker takes a long pause.
Churning mind… pulls of material world…. Clashes of conflicts
On the road less traveled,
One has to set the priorities right.
World tends to diminish.
Seeker could identify dew drops on mortal faces.
At the wake of intense battle,
Struggling seeker adjusts his own tiny resources.
- II -
The long road towards unknown sea shore,
Effigies of cosmic disciples,
Faint footprints of mystic evaders,
Struggling seeker shows characteristic enthusiasm.
He has little moments and great hopes,
He has little luck and great efforts,
He has little comfort and great will.
Fading light warns him about the end.
Struggling seeker has to be on his own always………..