Monday, August 11, 2008

Opaque Prose - 1

When I was wandering alone,
Amidst the desert of worldly thoughts,
Indulging into my own small dreams,
You arrived behind the tender petals,
Showing off your blazing beauty and myriad ruby forms,
Everything seized for me…. in the golden madness of your devotion,
Have you noticed my astonishment? That perplexing?
Paths were definitely crossing each other,
Birds were merrily singing together,
I could sense blush on your face while talking to me,
I could feel warmth of your persona ….
Dry leafs and empty clouds,
The miseries of my companionship always hurt you,
Rocky patches in the way of union,
Thorns set on the abode of still lake,
That unfinished story ….
Is still standing stark on my tired face….
In the same dark valley.....
Waiting for the epilogue !!!!

.......... Vikrant Deshmukh