Saturday, August 16, 2008

बीजिंग ऑलिम्पिक आणि भारत

Yet another disastrous Olympics for India. As expected, India’s goldfest never took off.

Fans were left high & dry, as usual.

Blame it on bureaucracy.

Blame it on federation politics.

Blame it on sport like cricket being over-hyped by media.

Blame it on inadequate facilities and inadequate money in other sports.

Blame it on our will power.

Blame it on our lack of planning & vision.

Just blame everything, but the hurting fact remains that the country with headcount over billion and with such a proud legacy, returns relatively (?) empty handed.

When you see determination & efforts of Felps, When you see mind-boggling gold bonanza for China, when you see countries - not even appearing like a dot on world map- setting records, as a nation you feel very very low.

'Why can’t we produce the world beaters?'

That’s the million dollars question this & next generation will have to answer.