Friday, August 8, 2008

फ्रेश पोएम

When I wake up, first person comes to my mind is you
When I fanaticize and dream, behind closed eyes I find you
When first ray of Sun comes to embrace me, who meets me is you
When cool breeze of fresh air sings melodies in my ears, what I hear is you
When darkness ascends and moon lit up in the sky, I pray for you
When I wanted to get bewildered with awesomeness, I watch for you
When standing in the lonely lane of life, I wave my hands to you
When my heart fills with joy & bliss, I took my bounds to you
When I want to feel happy, I walk with you
When something from inside chirps, I talk to you
When I want to forget the world, I gaze at you
When you appear like princess in front of me, I praise you
When first drop of rain trickles on me, I feel you
When it comes to beauty and innocence of the entire world, its still you
When I am with anybody anytime, I miss you
When I am with you….you know that its never me but only you, you and you